The Purpose of This Site

Once this site was just for me. It was a personal blog, journal or diary of my journey with the Lord. However one day reading it I found that this could also be a real testimony to the world. Evangelism is my heart. Jesus is my life. This is my real account of my Christian walk and revelation that I share with you. In all things take them to scripture. I do not claim to be an expert though I study, research and seek the truth daily. My purpose it to stir your heart towards the Heavenly Father so you can pursue your own Journey with the lord.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Book

Wow I never thought this would happen but after years of putting together a book and refining it in the last few months (Hence my lack of posts on my Blog) I will be releasing a Book.  My only hope is that is honors God and builds his Kingdom.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Through Those Eyes (Revised)

Through those eyes its hard to see who I am
its hard to separate the things you've been taught
the segregation, separation, manipulation you have been
force able-ly been fed.

Those looking trying to find answers, stand walking like the living dead.

Its about inspiration, about love, joy and peace to bring but 
something inside you holds it backs and makes sacred like a diamond ring
holding onto it around your finger never to be lost.

Then your forgot,  you wonder what happened did I loose my value did I loose my place
Am I still a part of this thing called the human race?
Did I play a part in this grand scheme of things,  Have I played the Pauper or the King?
Do I deserve Mercy, Do I deserve Grace? do I deserve anything?

Through those eyes my potential goes as far and you can see.
It give me no recognition no Ode DE Qua no applause, I cannot be set free
It thinks the more I have the less you have and your not ready to play that game
but while you looking for answers looking for a stage, or place to put your feet
you fall into terrible deceit.

See its like this.
you can't see through your eyes.  The Love that never gives up
You can't see through your eyes the potential of another
you can't see through your eyes this great invention called life.

Its like a disguise but you try to hide your strife.  Its like if you can fool others that your okay
that your playing the game and winning that your not sinning and even if you are your having a Good time.
(Is this what its all about?)

How much louder you or I can Scream or shout or trump our vision.
Is is about division making myself better by saying I can do something you can't do?

I'm gonna pause here.  I fear it might be a bit overwhelming and as it comes showering down like 
a spas-matic faction, like a emotion or spiritual reaction your feeling it right about now.

Here is this solution.

I wanna see through another set of eyes.
One that when it sees can see through this world's lies.
One that see's truth and claims it so.
One that makes light while others are living in a shadow.
One that brings peace when people are at war.
One that sees life when death is knocking at the Door.
One that see's healing when everyone has given up
One that see Love when the rest say SHUT UP!
One that sees direction when I've taken every route.
One that speaks is a whisper when the rest of them shout!
One that brings forgiveness then there seems to be no reason
One that gives solace to those found in Treason.
One that make a place for those who have been disgraced.
One that brings faith when you've lost face.
One that hold on when everyone else have let go.
One that is real while the rest put on a show.

I want a reality don't you? not a commercial, or story book tale that seems easier to swallow but
one that lives for this future plans for tomorrow. One that believes and trusts and has a faith in the
things that are fading. Don't you?

If you do stand for it.  Speak forth in a loud cry that I will live and I will not die
I will not live by what I see or what I know.
That inside I see that people just can't forget the moment they realize this conviction that comes when
realizing the world's lies
That deep inside, sown through the lining of their heart is their purpose their reason, their place where to start.
Are you ready for the ride of your life.  To set down the things as you've known?
To hold onto truth you never thought you could? 

I'm gonna slow down again.
Because this is not my motive to make you make a decision.
That would be degrading and working much like the world I give you more credit than that.
But It's about time you chew into the good meat and spit out the fat!
That if you so concerned of the world around you and you really love people you say you do
are you willing to die to what you want, what you need and they things that drive you?
Only to see others see through these eyes,

See false pride, falls to the weigh-side.
See a great tide is coming to take us for a ride
It's coming wither we want it or not.  That time ends.
Memories are sometimes forgot. The reality is in this world
we are always ready for things to move forward to have no end
But ultimately we realize Reality as it sets in.

Through these eyes I'm seeing more that I've ever seen
Come take a look and you'll see what I'm seeing.
It's not paranoia or some movement to be a part of
It's a lifestyle, life-change I'm speaking of.
Do I need to spell It out I think not.
You know the answer he's written it on your own heart.
Forget the lies you so easily consume.
Like some cheap perfume it only last a little while.
It's only a little while when fad become style.
When you heart that so easily is convinced 
and your soul becomes so easily minced.
It slices it dices don't believe me.
The world's convincing a caged man that he is still free.

James Bobik

Thursday, March 28, 2013

But I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking for?


In this new season I am seeing alot of things again in a different way from a different perspective.  Sometimes we have to look back and what we just went through and look around and see if God is trying to show us a much bigger picture.  Recently I got that picture.  I have started once again reading through the Bible and I continue to be reminded of this mighty men and women of God who though they are called by him name keep making the same mistakes over and over again....I suppose this is the subtext in the bible that gives us hope that these men and women mighty and chosen were seriously flawed! - Gives me hope :)

The Promised Land Lost

There are times when we get going to church or get moving forward and we start plowing ahead and things start to become clearer and we start to see what God has been saying in our lives we connect with the Body (What god wants us to do) we become accountable (or do we) and then we begin to plow.  Only thing is what happens is we begin to take hold of the vision and in essence without even realizing it like Moses we strike the rock.  Little pretense for those who are reading but have not read the word of God.  Moses takes the people from Egypt to rescue them from enslavement of Egypt, They grumble, see miracles, become is awe again, grumble again and wonder the desert for a long time come to the land of promise (milk and honey) and then God says to speak the rock and Moses strikes it.   At ever level I remember saying wow that Moses what was he thinking!?  Moses did not enter the land that was promised by God because of it. Seems severe...No?

A Little Transparency

I have struck the rock many times.  I remember being under leadership that I mocked.  I remember running small ministries without approval, doing worship times without any oversight and out reaches without the covering of the church.  I remember that though they at the time seemed beneficial that very little fruit was gained or I could have had a lot more fruit.  I feel a little like Oscar Schindler staring at the car realizing that I could have done so much more but not limited by the size of a vehicle or a plan but my own arrogance that I can separate from the church or God vision and still be successful or happy in that success.  What is the success really if it is not God's will?  If we are out of the will of leadership, God foremost and those God has put before us what are we doing?  Rebellion?  Shall we rebel against the people God has given us and expect God to be approving? Still today admittedly I do move in directions in ministry that I have not counseled in and I believe I have short changed the gifts God has given me because of it.

Mystery Ministry

So like Moses. We are gifted. We are given a voice and even a flock.  I read in the Holy word of God that we should not be presumptuous.  That we should live a life of faith and of balance and accountability to God and those God has placed in our lives.  This is the example given.  Yes our hearts draw us sometimes away and come in the name of "Hearing God" and then all the sudden we are taken off course.  I find it interesting that AFTER Jesus's baptism with John the Baptist that he was attacked by the devil in the desert. By the very thing that was going through his head. During the greatest times of revelation during those amazing Holy Spirit moments, during those times the Word of God is blowing off the pages and into your mind and burying itself in your heart is when you need to be on guard.  This is not directly biblical but I know God has reasons for everything.  The reason why Iron sharpens Iron and the reason why he wants us to gather more and more as the end approaches.  It is because sometimes our hearts can be deceiving (actually most of the time :) ) and it is imperative that we connect to a Body and become accountable to it.  It is imperative to the success of a ministry to be accountable.  Otherwise what happens is people see what God has placed in your heart and during that greatest time when your ministry is moving forward the attacks will come and that Ministry with purpose, direction, compassion and drive will become nothing more than a Mystery Ministry fading and lost because the enemy efficiently took out a man who had no pillars to hold the building up he was delegated to uphold.   Ministry is done in team.  We need each other if we want to do great things. What greatness will we have accomplished if we have done it on our own and lost the vision in the process.

No Detours  - The Scenery is not always the same

I have seen men and women and families come into a church or to a local body and get really excited they move forward get that word from God and because of their background or culture feel.  Hey I have been called to minister to these people.  Artists sometimes feel hey I have been called to minister to artists.  Homeless to homeless and the widow to the widowed and though this is the way God sometimes works it is not ALWAYS how he works and when we presume we put ourselves in a difficult position because we presume sometimes even spiritually (I got a word) - (someone spoke over me) but sometimes we have forgotten the biblical pattern of the church and why it is there. People always want to go to a place to see the same thing they have always seen and when God puts them in a new place with a new plot and new scenery we want to go back to our old roots. This is how it happened with the Hebrew people who escaped from Egypt.  They wanted to go back to the murk.  Even the Godly things, the ministries and the churches or ideas from our past can be the Murk if we are not counseling with the Men and Women God has put in our lives.

What are we searching for?

The calling seems to have become the new idol for the Christian at times.  The calling being a great thing should not keep us away from the greatest calling of all being Son and Daughters of our Heavenly father and Secondly to go out in the towns and Villages, Jobs, Schools. Homes. Neighbors, Countries, (I am being a bit liberal to help illustrate) and baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit.  If we have not grounded in this as our vision in Christ and our walk in life as the beloved as Paul calls us what are we searching for another ministry, a trip to a distant country to experience new things. a website, business card, name in lights, If we are doing the first thing. Keeping the main thing the main thing as a good saxophone playing friend of mine told me we will honor the things God has given us and even the place he has set us in then God will promote.  When we put the calling or the church or even our feeling ahead of what God has given us we have not done what God has asked us and we have not been obedient.

WARNINGS OF WHEN THINGS HAVE GONE OFF TRACK and we are on (Spiritual) Attack

1. You have secluded yourself from other believers. (for long periods of time) 
2. Your looking for ministry outside where God has placed you.
3. You are not communicating with those you usually share information to
4. You stop reading your bible or have ceased in praying as you used to.
5. Your frustration is growing but you have no resolve (confused).
6. You are trying to do things on your own.
7. You lean more towards spirituality to make decisions without referring to the Bible as your compass or others God has put in your life as balance.
8. Your ability to "tolerate" people has decreased and your are "tolerating them and not loving them"
9. You believe you have some special revelation that others "need" to hear or others have something you "have to be a part of"".
10. Your ministry is I centered "- (There is no ME, MY OR I in Ministry).

Lastly I mentioned about how Severe of a punishment it was for Moses to have struck the Rock and not enter the promised land.  I think there are many reason why this happened one was disobedience to God but I think the other could also have been the fact that this man could no longer lead.  As we know the Land of Milk and Honey awaited them.  Moses was unable to enter.  We defile the Land the beautiful land has given others as well as the Land god has given us when we are disobedient. After all it was the disobedience of Eve which destroyed that Eden.  It was clear Moses anger, frustration what ever it was made him a direct danger it was seen as an act of rebellion and God did not want his people to loose out on the MINISTRY, the PROMISED LAND, THE CALLING he had for them by being led like this.

In order to lead we must be accountable, in order to stay on vision with what God has called us to we need to do this not only for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of those who are following. We think it is important to have a "BOARD": when it comes to businesses and when it comes to "NON-PROFITS" but somehow in a place where attacks are the greatest and rouge ones come quite often we believe this is not necessary. Go where God planted you where he placed you and stay accountable to the leaders and the people God has placed around you and you will reap a great harvest but never OWN that harvest because the Harvest (The people, the lives and the heart of those do not belong to you; they belong to God.

James Bobik

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sibling Rivalry

I remember many years ago. Though slightly fading now just thinking about it. I remember it similar to a dream. I remember playing with my brothers Jeremy and David. We lived somewhere in the midwest. Our surroundings were modest metal homes and we would play games with blankets and Air vents. The air vents would go through the house from the floors and fill the blankets with air and made small tent like forts in which a barrage of attacks would commence to an exciting afternoon or evening of war with my brothers..

Each of us myself and my 2 brothers would play all day with each other. Sometimes I would get into a fight with Jeremy and David would bail me out. He was my Older half brother.

One day it was a cool and brisk morning we ventured out from the house armed only with sticks and encountered a snake on the road. I remember how just at this moment my brother played with the snake while I more frightened hid and cried. This play came out of control when both of my brothers realized to their dismay that what they had were sticks and not swords. Soon things turned out for the worst. The snake began to coil and attack both of my brothers by snapping forward at them and me. Then for a split moment during this painful, yet memorable experience our Sibling Rivalry became a bond that kept us safe. We came together. My older brother picked up a rock threw it at the snake.... my younger brother Jeremy who not more than seconds ago was making fun of me now knelled and comforted me. My brothers whom I identified with as proprietors of pain and destruction and jolly at my expense alot of the time now became both my protector, friend and 2 man army armed with only a stick a stone. How ironic that these sticks and stones they now held were not hurting me but protecting me.

It's amazing how brothers can come together in tough times. Though today my relationship with my brothers is very little that short moment still resides in my mind almost dreamlike. Almost as if it never happened but perhaps I might have just dreamed it. I was assured some years ago this event did happen and this moment now places itself in memory as real and concrete.


So As I thought of this memory I thought about what it means to be a brother also what it means to be a sister. Though it is harder for me understand this more fully. I look back at where I have been and where I am going at this time and realize that these relationships and these encounters with snakes exist in our everyday lives. What we do with them. How we interpret them and wither we are the one who is afraid, protecting or at time making fun and playing jest leads us.

This is my Prologue to much more deeper look at What some call Sibling Rivalry what can lead to this door of what is expected of a brother and sister and what God expects of us. I hope on this Journey I do some justice to the topic as I have had less than enough experience in this but am relying very much on my abilities to write as clear as I can to convey a deep and important message....more importantly relying on the holy spirit to guide me to reveal both truth and revelation.

It has been sometime I have taken on a topic like this but seeing the importance both in the church and life has left me to tackle this topic head on and ask God.  Revelation or bust.